• Arbeiten wo andere Urlaub machen.
  • Arbeiten wo andere Urlaub machen. nawu apartments

Work where others holiday? Sounds like an unrealistic calendar slogan at first. Let’s dare to reconsider; it’s not that far-fetched. If you just need a PC, a telephone connection and good internet to work, you could seriously think about it.

The recreational value here in Gailtal is huge. In winter, anyway. Nassfeld is within sight of nawu. Cross-country ski trails are too. Summer is no less interesting. The mountain and lake mix here allows for an incredible range of activities. The largely untouched natural landscape in the Gailtal valley brings that feeling of freedom to life. Live a quiet life while not being too cut off. The nearest towns are not far away. The Mediterranean flair on Lake Wörthersee is enticing. Day trips to the sea in Italy and Slovenia are popular. Dog, horse or motorbike? You can bring them with you.

Life at nawu apartments? A little luxury can be indulged in, with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, a shop and an a la carte restaurant with bar all on site. A reception for concerns about work and leisure planning. Of course, the friendly people there are also happy to engage in small talk.

You might think that with so many options, productivity could suffer. On the contrary, the higher number of hours of sunshine on the southern side of the Alps, the good air and the view of nature have a beneficial impact on performance and increase effectiveness. This would also be a good argument if you wanted to convince a boss.

Sometimes we should just do things because they’re good for you, fun and because you can. Looking for excuses not to do it – we don’t even want to start. The prospect of a great time is too irresistible.

Seen in this light, the introductory sentence ‘live and work where others holiday’ is far more than a calendar slogan, or marketing slogan. It’s worth a try.