Hiking trails at nawu apartments

N 1: Trail “Bratnitze”; 2.8km;

Directions: Go towards Abenteuerwiese, turn left upon onto the forest road. Turn left when you arrive at the village sign “Kameritsch”. Walk alongside the field and when you see the old oak, turn left again. Walk straight ahead and you will arrive at nawu.

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N 2: Trail “Achleitner”; 6.3km;

Directions: Go towards Abenteuerwiese to Danz. Walk uphill towards Achleitner (Farm) when you arrive at the asphalt road. Follow the signs back to Kameritsch.

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N 3: Trail “Bergl”; 4.5km;

Directions: Walk towards “Guggenberg” and straight ahead at the 2nd 180° turn. Follow the road uphill and back down through the village Bergl. Follow the signs to Kraschach and Kameritsch.

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N 4: Trail “Kraschach”; 3.3km

Directions: Turn right at the hotel. Follow the signs to Kraschach. In Kraschach walk down hill towards the valley and walk right back up the hill next to the information house.

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