• Motorrad-Baden

Motorbike bathing

Sounds a bit strange at first. I guess this isn’t instructions on how to wash a bike? No, it isn’t. If you are on the road here in southern Carinthia and the border triangle, you’ll quickly get an idea of what this might mean. Too often, the route leads you past dreamlike waters, some of them almost a gaudy turquoise-blue-green. This element has at least as much magical appeal as these black and grey curved bands. If you’re out and about in these climes, be sure to pack your swimsuit and a towel to indulge in both. Just stop off and dive in. This attitude to life is wonderful.

There’s another special thing too – nawu apartments is just a few kilometres away from Friuli and Friuli Venezia Giulia. This hidden and thankfully relatively unknown paradise of curves bordering the Gailtal valley is an unparalleled insider tip. Why? It seems to have been forgotten in terms of tourism. No big hotel complexes, no big cities, it almost seems as though time has stood still here. Small idyllic towns and villages line this winding area. Charming piazzas with bars, restaurants and terraces populated by locals call out as the next stop. This charming area will have a real impact on you.

The road surface is ingenious. Probably because there’s practically no heavy traffic on it. It’s also interesting that so many mountain roads there are asphalted in the first place. There is a place called ‘Tramonti’, which translates as ‘between the mountains’, and when you find it, you’ll understand why. The road there is a natural beauty.

And there’s another special advantage to the Gailtal. You can escape rainy weather so beautifully. When the fronts come in from the north-west – which is usually the case – we benefit from the south-facing position of the Alps, meaning you can disappear over the pass to Italy or Slovenia. If it comes in from the south, then you can cruise in the opposite direction, travelling the legendary Carinthian panoramic roads. Even early in spring, when the asphalt is still cold on many Alpine passes, you can find great tours here. Thanks to the southern exposure, the season lasts until late autumn. Chapeau.

This gigantic dorado of curves from Carinthia via Slovenia and Italy, yes, you can do a day tour through the Socca Valley out to the sea in Trieste one day and then do the Sella Circuit on another. You can immerse yourself in this peaceful Friuli and Carinthia experience. You might even feel overwhelmed with the choice. But that’s where nawu apartments comes into play again. “You tell us what you want to do and how you want to do it – we’ll show you the right route.” We know all the curves in the wide area like the backs of our hands. Sometimes Heimo might even join you on a bike himself. We give you the tips you need to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.

Another nice bit of added value. After the tour, you can relax your muscles for the next day in the nawu wellness area and be pampered by delicious cuisine – a bit of well-earned luxury.