As the weather behaves in Urban, it’s still in order for 20 days (old farmer’s rule for today and the sun is shining)

The nawu apartments farm is a farm that has been around for many centuries. Its historical name is ‘Schleibach’. The name comes from the stream (‘bach’) that ran behind the farm, in which the tench (‘Schleien’) fish species was found. A few decades ago, all 7 families in Kameritsch – home to the Schleibach farm – were full-time self-sufficient farmers. At Schleibach, agriculture and forestry were never completely abandoned. Today, the wood used for heating still comes from the surrounding forests, the fields are cultivated and animals are fed in the stables. The established situation means that agriculture is gaining a higher status again. The fruit trees that are still around are used to make delicious products. Old apple varieties conjure up delicious apple juice. This is combined with the pear trees to produce great cider. Delicious fruit schnapps is still distilled and the many cherry trees are a true splendour. Together with the raspberry and blackberry bushes and the apricot tree, they also invite you to nibble directly from the source. To maintain and increase biodiversity, care is taken to ensure that the first cut isn’t taken until late in June. Meaning the bees, insects and of course the nawu butterflies can enjoy fairytale meadows of flowers. The grass is not processed into silo bales, but dried traditionally in the meadow. This allows flower and grass seeds to fall out and spread further. The nice thing is that you can still see these flowers in all their beautiful colours in the dried hay – the feed for our animals. Because there are also other farms in the village, cows, goats, sheep and horses graze everywhere.

The clocks definitely tick a little slower due to this rhythm set by nature. And this is something that is passed onto our holiday friends.
So rest and relaxation are written in the stars, really.