The forest and its magic

nawu and the forest is like vanilla ice cream and raspberries – true love.

It doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing. A remarkable idea? Don’t get annoyed next time it rains – take waterproof clothing or an umbrella and get outside into this slow-paced oasis.

The health-promoting benefits of the forest have been proven in a number of studies. Just a sight of the forest is enough for your blood pressure to drop, your heart rate to slow and less of the stress hormone cortisol to be released. The brain relaxes in the forest, which strengthens the immune system. Another study found that the sight of trees had a measurable positive effect. Patients who looked out of the hospital window at the countryside after an operation recovered faster than those who only had a wall to look at. Patients who could see the trees also needed less pain medication.

When we walk through a forest, we breathe in substances that plants use to exchange messages with one another – ‘terpenes’. What all of these positives are capable of achieving is really fascinating. We might tell you about it when you’re here having a chat at the bar.

Something you need to know now: a walk in the forest means a break for the eyes. A break that these sensory organs really deserve. We spend too much time in the digital world every day.

A walk in the forest brings you back into the moment. Use it to focus. Feel the ground underneath your feet, the air on your skin and in your lungs. Look at your surroundings and listen to any sounds. Being able to fully focus on the moment is a rare luxury that is incredibly relaxing.

A walk in the forest teaches you to really pay attention. The bird calls you hear, the berries you collect, the little flowers along the way…if you are quiet and attentive, the forest has so much to offer and you learn pay attention. Back to ‘true love’. Our nawu forest starts right on our doorstep. Enjoy it!